Monday, October 31, 2011

Fear of the Rejection Reaper

Reaper's Curse Poster

Recently I received notes from an agent about the first three chapters of a YA Paranormal I'd written won't let die.  I'd won the opportunity for a free critique with an agent from an agency I love. I mean I stalk these poeple. 

Anywho, I got her notes and saying it felt like she stabbed me in the heart is an understatement.  My stomach churned and tears stung the backs of my eyes.  My life was over.

Let me clarify, her notes were positive and she was very nice.  And the changes ranged from major to not so bad.  But if you've ever been in this situation, you know exactly how I feel.  My world had come to an end.  And yes, I'd completely forgotten that I have 3, not 1, 3 not 2, 3 novellas for a YA series releasing next year by TMP as well as short romance coming out in a few weeks.  All of this greatness completely elluded me. 

Until a cheerleading birdie from OH reminded me. 

I sent my friend the notes and she was like Jennifer, hello *taps computer screen*, you have a series coming out next year.  You have a short story out soon.  And these notes are not that bad.  Completely doable.

So I pulled my big girl panties on digested the agents comments.  What at first sounded like major surgery, in the end was more like a colonoscopy.  Painful, uncomfortable but completely okay with the right sedation! 

It's tough people.  And yes, you are going to receive many No's.  In college I took a sales course and I learned a valuable lesson that I still remember today.  With every No, you get closer to that Yes!

Happy Halloween!

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