Monday, February 13, 2012

Geek Out!

I recently wrote an email to a friend of mine freaking out about deadlines and manuscripts and galleys.
Oh my!
Her response was "a year ago we would've killed for a deadline from our editor". And she was right. A year ago, we only dreamed of saying words like my editor just emailed me and said my manuscript is due to her 2 months earlier than planned. Or, hey my editor just sent me my galley. Better yet, my publisher emailed me my front cover art work (she hasn't but I'm just sayin').
Oh my gosh you guys. I can't even believe I'm able to speak these words now.
I'm totally geeking out with my freak out!
For those of you still working the grind and trying to make those dreams come true I say keep on keepin' on. It will happen. Have faith and soon we can all be sittin' around talkin' shop and lovin' it!

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