Sunday, June 3, 2012

Writing Re-Start

Lately, I've felt a little blah about writing. Maybe a better word is unmotivated. I'm sure it all has to do with being pregnant and this new life is literally sucking the creative juice from me but I won't blame her yet! Several weeks ago, I finished a 40K word YA Honey Creek due out next year. I had a deadline and reached it with time to spare. My plans were then to begin edits and rewrites on another YA that is also due out next year but still needed some work. I've gotten until December to finish so I'm not worried. Yet I can't seem to find the motivation to get cranking. I mean, I love this story. It's a little suspenseful, not something I normally do. So instead, I've been a stay-at-home mom, cleaning, keeping the fam fed and making plans for this new little baby since she was a complete surprise and the lingering thought of working on my YA nags at me. But I haven't completely taken a break from my craft. Nope. I've been to the library, which has finally expanded their YA collection, and making my way through older YA titles hoping the reading would spark some typing from me. Nope. Then I attended a conference this weekend and WHAM I'm feeling the writing love! I'm not sure what did it. Was it being surrounded by other awesome writers, most way more popular than myself? Was it sitting and chatting with my fellow TMPers and sharing our thoughts about upcoming projects? Or was it sitting in on a presentation on how awesome YA is and what stories had influenced other authors. Yes. Yes. And yes. So while I took away awesome information from the conference, I also found my mojo! In fact, I've been home for 8 hours (most of those were me sitting on my butt while I watch my feel unswell) and I've written 2 blog posts for this week. In the morning, I hope to be up early, refreshed, coffee in hand and my YA pulled up on the screen in front of me. I want to have it edited, rewritten, and beta read before this baby comes since I might be out of commission for a few weeks afterwards. But once she knows her momma is a busy writer, I plan to begin working on another YA MS as well as a new Honey Creek. Follow me on Twitter (@JenniA8677), where I'll keep anybody who'll listen up to date. Thank you and good night!

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