Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I have a cat!

Rather, an orange fur ball of terror. He's really  my son's cat but I told him he had to share.

I'm really regretting that comment.

(this was the best photo I could get before he darted off. BTW, he's chewing on my hair!)

Don't get me wrong, he can be rather sweet and sometimes he just sits there and lets you pet him while he purrs away. Or when he sleeps, those hours are nice. But since the first day we got him (10 days ago) he has been a handful.

Night one, he meowed all night. Sure, I understand. He's getting used to us. I get it but my kids didn't.
Two days later, my kids said he peed on a blanket. He hasn't done it again but who knows. Next day, I notice a flea on him. YIKES! That's like the death plague, in my eyes. So I run to the vet, get some meds and am hoping for the best. The following day I notice he's developed a raw patch on his neck, not where I placed his flea meds, but I was concerned. Back to the vet I go and the vet is like, "yeah, he's got a lession, not sure from what but it looks infected". She gives me a spray and he seems to handle the application well. My husband and I leave for an overnight trip while the kids stay at a relatives. House sitter (friend) comes by 2 times to check on cat and reports later all seemed well. His neck looks pretty good with a scab forming.

Then BOOM, Monday  we notice he's ripped off the scab and has started a new spot. GREAT! And now, he hates the spray medicine. You try holding down an 11 week old kitten with claws to spray something on his neck. I've got the battle scars to make my point.

So I'm sure it's back to the vet I go later today. I almost want to give up. Throw in the towel but seeing my son, who begged for a kitten, carry the cat around like his new best friend, my heart melts and I can't do anything. Don't get me wrong. We've owned a cat before (pre-son) and growing up, we were cat people but  I guess running after two kids and another on the way, I'm not feeling so much like Wonder Mom.

But to see him smile and have something of his own (he's the youngest soon to be middle kid) I can't help but soldier on.

I'd love to hear your words of wisdom. Advice from fellow kitten owners.

Anyone? Hello?  *taps on glass*

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