Monday, August 19, 2013

Perfect Scoundrels review: 4 Nuts

I have to admit, whenever I'm in the mood for a light hearted, funny, easy YA read, I generally grab a book by Ally Carter. Her stories are quick and keep my attention and Perfect Scoundrels was no exception.

Kat Bishop excels at being a thief except instead of doing bad, she's trying to do good. Stealing artwork and returning it to the rightful owner and in PS, her target is Hale. His grandmother has died and left her empire for him to run which seems too good to be true, mainly because he's only like 16 years old.

Can Kat meet her deadline? Will Hale prove to be a unwilling prize for her to steal back?

You'll have to read book #3 in the Heist Society novel.

My only complaint with the series is Kat's age. I feel like she's been 15 for the last 3 books. I know this is YA, but she can get older. In fact, I'd like her to get older. She acts older. Heck, the girl on the cover looks way older than 15.

For those who enjoy kissing boys in YA, there's enough to keep you interested as well. I'd like to see Kat's cousin find a mate.

And watch out for the surprise ending. Carter does a great job of slipping that in when you least expect it.

I can't wait for #4 and for the next installment of The Gallagher Girl series.

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