Monday, February 14, 2011

Where are you?

Last week was just plain bad and I have no one to blame but…my husband.  I love him but when he volunteers for jobs, I end up volunteering for the same job and have to plaster a smile on my face the entire time.  Until we get home and then I’m not Mrs. Nice Wife.  I’m bitchy and down right no fun to be around.
So, Monday, we get a lovely little message that my son is missing some work and if he’d just stop talking in class, everything would be great at school.  He’s smart and cute but gosh darn it, people love him.  But in the mean time, he’s having a hard time seeing the board and TV and so I think, as a  glasses wearer myself, what if the root of his problem is that he can’t see.  So I rush him to the eye doctor because I just can’t wait any longer, causing me to leave work early, which I don’t mind.  But did I forget to mention that during this whirlwind of trying to save my son, I completely forgot that I was driving a van full of girl scouts on a field trip after school, which prompted a phone call from another mother basically asking me “Where the hell are you?” *slaps head against steering wheel* 
Oh, and I forgot to mention that my alarm at my house went off, signaling the police to my house and a phone call from the alarm company.  Yeah, freak out mode officially started at that point but it was a false alarm.  But of course, I was already hyped up and no false alarm announcement was going to bring me back to normal. 
The rest of the week, we banned TV during dinner and after homework because my son’s teacher thinks we need to spend time playing games so he can learn to pay attention.  I completely agree but man, sometimes you just need a break from kids, work and stuff and I can’t now.  I have to focus on him so he can focus at school.  I know, I know.  This is a great time to bond and I’m trying my best to get into this.  Cripes, I played 4 rounds of Blokus with him in one night.  If there are any other suggestions out there on ways to help with his focus, let me know.
Next, without the TV drowning out my husband’s protests about this event he’s volunteered for, I’m forced to listen.  And keep my mouth shut I didn’t.  I won’t complain but let’s just say, I threatened if he did this event next year, I would file for divorce! 
By Friday, I was done.  I left work early to help my husband with his event and went to a local warehouse place to buy soda.  8 cases of water and 10 case of soda later, I found myself loading the entire purchase into my van…alone.  Not one single store employee or nothing offered to help.  And let me add.  In each of these cases wasn’t the standard 24.  No…36.  Yeah.  By the time I was done I was ready to scream at the world and question what happened to customer service. 
But of course, on the way home, things got better.  My back, screamed at me as I sat in traffic.  Yes traffic.  At 2:30 in the afternoon.  So I called my husband to complain that this is what I get for trying to do a good thing and he tells me where the accident is supposed to be.  Not far.  No problem.  I can hang.  I get to the mentioned site and there’s nothing.  Yeah.  I wasn’t happy.
The good news, when I picked up the kids way early from their after school care, they were actually happy to see me.  That small act warmed my heart and I treated them to ice cream.  Yeah.  I’m cool like that sometimes.
Okay, so my week doesn’t sound horrible but when I was living it, I felt like nothing was going right. 
So, here’s my excuse.  I hope you still love me and hopefully come back. 
Just to catch you up on writing and reading, I’m currently finishing up the Iron Fey series by Kagawa and I recommend these books if you like YA fantasy.  I looked to see when the next book comes out and Goodreads showed sometime this year. 
A friend of mine has a book launching tomorrow.  The Davis Years by Nicole Green.  I love her so check it out. 
Also, my fav fantasy romance adult author, Kresley Cole has a book coming out tomorrow from her Immortals After Dark series.  I’m so excited about this one.  I love her writing.  She keeps me wanting more and more and the leading men are so yummy!
I’m currently editing and re-writing some of my YA paranormal with the beta eyes of Julie!  *waves*  She is awesome and I can’t wait until one of her novels graces a book store shelve near you.
Have a great week and remember.  It’ll get better.  Especially when you’re sharing ice cream with your kiddos!

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