Friday, November 22, 2013

Catching Fire Movie

Remember when you saw New Moon (Twilight Saga) and were blown away. Even though you loved Twilight, New Moon, in terms of quality of film making, was leaps and bounds above movie one? Catching Fire was like that for me! It was FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC!

Don't get me wrong. Hunger Games was by far not the same indie produced budget Twilight was but Catching Fire, in my opinion, blew it away. I don't know if the sophomore release was easier for the cast because they knew what to expect from each other or the fact, that unlike Twilight, CF kept the same director. As much as I liked HG, triple that for my reaction after CF.
If you didn't read the books, then don't keep reading. But if you watched HG and don't plan on reading the books (shame on you!), keep reading.
Our game winners set out on their victory tour and you can still feel the tension Katniss feels for winning and her "fake" feelings for Peeta. She's threatened by Snow to be more convincing when it comes to her new romance. He feels their romance will keep the districts contained but let's be honest, their romance didn't set things into motion, or maybe it did. Maybe it was seeing someone fighting for their life, literally, give up their own for another that set the districts in motion. Read into it and conjure your own theories. Either way, chaos breaks out and in an attempt to keep the peace or show who's boss, they hold a Quarter Quell which is supposed to weed out the weak. Little does Kat know that there is a secret plan which will ultimately throw the 12 districts into war but not before Kat confesses that she needs Peeta.
And this my friends has me counting down until The Mockingjay releases! Man! My mind raced with scenes the entire night forcing me to evade sleep. The costumes were wonderful. The drama thick like pea soup and the smattering of kisses was enough to keep you until the next ones. There was only one part from the book that wasn't featured in the movie but I don't think it had any affect.
I'll be honest, I enjoyed the books and watched HG with interest, never feeling the same craze I got when I went to see Eclipse or Breaking Dawn but my fan-dom has been thrown into overdrive. I even considered not seeing CF last night because my interest wasn't as strong. I'm glad I didn't back-out and I'm thinking I might re-read the books.
Have you seen it yet? What did you think?

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