Friday, February 13, 2015

Kissing Ted Callahan Review

I was offered an advanced copy for a fair review.

Amy Spalding, you had me at Kissing!

Riley and Reid walk in on their band mates making out, which throws their friendship into a weird place. R & R decide they can have love and sex with each other’s help, so they create a manifesto and share information with each other about dating the opposite sex. What could possibly go wrong?!?

Ms. Spalding’s writing, as per usual, is full of snark which I’m a huge fan. And she does a great job of throwing R & R into awkward situations that make you smile. She effortlessly shows us the relationship between Riley and Reid as they maneuver through dating life.

We only see Reid’s POV via the manifesto while we watch Riley stumble through gaining her crushes attention. All seems innocent until she finds herself not only Kissing Ted Callahan but also two other guys!

Music lovers will thoroughly enjoy this one sitting read while those of us not so in-tune will enjoy the relationships and funny situations. As with all of Ms. Spalding’s books, our characters find their HEA or at least what constitutes as one for teens!

I couldn’t put this book down and only forced myself to stop reading when my kids demanded my attention (how dare they!).

I highly recommend Kissing Ted Callahan and look forward to Ms. Spalding’s 2016 release. 

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