Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Season Finales

Its that time of year when the rain falls, the flowers bloom, the temps start to rise and our favorite shows go on break. Literally leaving us hanging for three months. We're left with re-runs, reality TV shows and long nights laying around in the heat.

Or maybe you catch up on all that reading your said you would do but the season finale of Grey's seemed to last for 3 episodes (well, the saying good-bye to Christina did. Man, they really dragged that out.)

Trust, I feel your pain. I myself suffer from Season Finale-itis. Never fear, there isn't a cure but you are not contagious.

Let's discuss some of my favorites and you chime in with yours. Is there something I need to be watching?

Grey's Anatomy: honestly, when they said Christina was going, I stopped watching. I'm not like her #1 Fan but I think she offered a dark side to the show. Who knows, I might pick it back up.

Vikings: well, I crammed in season 1 in a few days in order to watch season 2 and I'm hooked. Now that he's King, do you think Ragnar will be ruthless? Will he take back Agatha? And what about his son and marrying a princess? I'm thinking the Essex King's daughter. And they never brought up his crippled son again. Frankly, not a fan of his wife!

StarCrossed: I'm totally bummed they didn't renew this show. I know, it is a bit cheezy but I love that stuff. But that season finale was a total joke. It's like they knew they weren't coming back so let's do a crappy job. Throw in a little adolescent alien sex (which, both characters are not much younger than me) and we've got a cliffhanger that will never get answered. Ugh!

Reign: Again, I'm hooked. And that season finale was like "Noooo, don't leave!" The true story of Mary is that she did marry the prince and he did die shortly after and she never had children. Curious??? Wonder if they will stay true or fictionalize it a bit. And what about Bash and that orphan. Hmmm, do we see a murder plot taking place in a child's mind?

Vampire Diaries: WTH! I'm going on record now by saying if they don't bring back Damon, I'm done. Stick a fork in me. And how their words just cute off at the end. Ugh! But man, that was action packed and emotional. This leaves things open for new characters and will Enzo come back? And Alaric is back!

Arrow: A close friend turned me on to this show and she was an emotional wreck after last week's episode. I'll admit, I was too. I was never a fan of blonde and was pulling for the geek girl. And the way he leaned in when he told her they took the wrong girl....OMG! But alas, nothing. However, they are planting seeds, so if they decide to take that relationship in that direction, they can. I mean, she put it out there when she confessed she he had her fooled.

The Good Wife: I almost stopped watching when Will was killed off and I was almost pulling for a Fin affair, but now that I know there isn't anything supposed to happen with her husband, I'm interested again. And the possible crumbling of L/G adds a new piece to the pot.

Hart of Dixie: From day 1, I have loved and wanted Wade and Doc to get together. I think a stiff girl needs a good, rough guy to bring her down a notch. I'm anxious to see what happens. (crosses fingers). And Lemon? Really? Well, there's a triangle I'm not interested in but it does suck now for AnnaBeth because she did break up with the shoe guy because she still loves the mayor. Men!

Shows worth checking out this summer:

Witches of East End: I just finished watching Season 1 and while some might think its a bit too like Charmed, I never watched and find the love triangle intriguing. The previews for the next season look good, which does start until July 6th on Lifetime.

True Blood: Well, if you haven't started watching, you are missing out. While the last couple of seasons didn't follow the books much, they were still entertaining and now with the last season on the horizon (June 22), I'm sad to see it go.

What shows do you watch? What should I be watching? What are your TV watching plans for the summer?

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Writing Refresher

I can't count the number of times I send pages to my partner to read and only to have her return them dripping in red ink (not really. I mean, we use computers!). Seasoned writers (I wouldn't consider myself seasoned yet...maybe lightly seasoned; a dash) often fall into lazy writing habits. We either get too cocky or tired...burnt out. I get it and I'm sure if you ask some of the top authors out there, they feel it too. It happens. 

I found a great article over at Future of the Ink and they discuss 9 writing mistakes. If you're feeling the like you can't get over that hump or your pagers look like mine...a murder scene, then have a read.