Saturday, June 21, 2014

My Brother's Wedding on Summer Reads

Hey guys! Long time no write. Sorry. With the summer on us and school out, I'm swamped with diapers, kids and activities.

Oh, and I'm writing a new NA!

Anyway, My Brother's Wedding is getting some serious attention in the next couple of weeks and I'd love for you to play along. In fact, you can enter to win a copy on but if I notice many clicks and follows on there, I'll even throw in a free copy to my followers on here. So grab a friend and let's get reading.

Starting June 22, My Brother's Wedding will be included in StoryFinds Summer Reads.
June 24-25, My Brother's Wedding will be part of StoryFinds Summer Reads Themed Week.
June 29-July 5, Come vote for My Brother's Wedding as the best cover! Click the Book Cover Poll at the top of the website to enter.

If you've entered in their contests and voted on their polls, leave me a comment and I'll get you entered in my own give-away!