Wednesday, November 26, 2014

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Might I made a few suggestions....

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

#1 Get Organized

I think as a mother of 3, this is constantly on my to-do list. Throw in editing part-time, marketing coordinator part-time and author, and my need to get my act together multiplies.

And I'm constantly asked how I do it all. And some how, it all gets done, but never with my sanity in tact!

My boss, who is also an author and runs a publishing company, shared her new schedule ideas and I felt like the light bulb finally clicked on.

She shared that she devotes 3 long days to her company, often working into the wee hours of the night and allowing a little overflow if needed. Then she uses the 4 other days to play catch-up to her author life. Whether that is promo or writing. And if you're a published writer, you know that social media, blogging and ads eat up a lot of your delegated author time. But also, as a writer, when you're creative juices are flowing, often when you've locked yourself in a room, you need to attack when you can and allotting 4 days to do so is brilliant. And have a life, too!

In sharing her wisdom, I've created a plan of my own. While I don't have a business to run, I do have a house to manage and 3 kids, with one still at home. For 3 days, I will work 4 hours each on my marketing responsibilities and leave the other 4 days to my personal author business and sprinkle in editing work among the 7 days.

And to help me keep and stay organized, I've purchased (an early Christmas gift!) a Life Planner. If you're interested, follow this link:

How do you manage your time? Inquiring minds are wondering!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Ice Princess is on sale!

Just in time for the holidays, Ice Princess is only #99cents!

My pretty little baby, my first born, is all polished up and ready for your e-reader and for only #99cents, how can you pass that up!

Here are a few links for some of our favorite e-book retailers!

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Just keep swimming...

2014 proved to be the year I would not participate in NaNoWrimo and I'm saddened. Kids, work and the fact the month of November is almost over did not provide the motivation. So instead of killing myself, because those late nights are not pretty, I gave in before it started.

But to my fellow writers and NaNoers, I raise my glass to you. You can do this. Sure, the word count seems unreasonable but there are others, many others, out there who have written in your shoes, or fingers, and have succeeded. You can do it!

And when the dust settles, you'll have a manuscript ready for edits!

Good luck!