Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Have you seen this show? OMG! I am in love. It's the one show I watch that doesn't involve vampires, suspense, cops or drama. Instead, it's about a dad and his teenage daughter moving from NYC to the suburbs (hence the name), hopefully, allowing the daughter to have a wholesome upbringing.

Little do they know that yes, it's not like life in the big city. It's better. Funnier. Over the top laugh your butt off! Ironic because some of the jokes are about lipo!

So in attempt to keep the humor in my life (mom of 3, yikes!) I trade tweets about the show with a friend, Julie Anne Lindsey. We'll say a line or two from the previous show, laugh and go about our day with a smile on our faces.

Well, a few night ago Julie texted me stating Dallas Royce tweeted us. What? What!

In a mad dash, I search my Twitter account and WHAM there it is.

Won't happen to you at the Ziti Zone. They coat it with so much alfredo it just slides right on down.

Now, let me back up a bit and offer up my tweet.

I swallowed and everything and then I was like I have a noodle in my throat.

You'd have to see the episode to understand.

So I did what any normal house wife who's connected to social media. I tweeted, retweeted and FaceBooked the heck out the fact that Dallas Royce tweeted me. (And it was good too ;-)

Do I think she's actually tweeting me? Cheryl Hines? Um, I don't know. I mean, I'm sure there are PR people and assistants that handle this sort of thing but I think that fan girl part of me who gets giddy over star sightings thinks, just maybe, it is her. Just this one time. Or hopes its her.

But if not, it's all cool *blushes* *wipes away the tears*.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

King of the Lake.

The conclusion to my Honey Creek Royalty series is here. I'm a little sad to see the series end but thankful for the journey. Honey Creek holds a special place in my heart. I love writing stories about this little town and I hope to continue when times allows. 

If you haven't stopped by Honey Creek, you don't know what your missing. So far, we have 11 books released within the last year from this line. Each one different with a common thread...the people of Honey Creek.

Thank you for being with me on this journey. 

Living in a small town, everybody knows your business. Unfortunately for Allison Carver, some people can’t forget.
When a lapse in good judgment lands her in the public eye, her parents force her to seek guidance from the local minister. After several months, she begins to forgive herself while her parents seem to keep her mistakes front and center.
Allison escapes to Honey Creek Lake where she gets a waitressing job at Honey Creek Lodge’s restaurant. Lack of identity among the summer tourists offers relief, allowing her to feel normal. Taking the order of a summer guest launches her into a dilemma. Does she follow her heart and allow her feelings to mature for a guy she just met? Or risk the wrath of her father while he sits on his throne overlooking the lake.

Monday, March 18, 2013

To finish or not to finish

Have you ever read a book and decided after a few pages, heck a few paragraphs, to put it aside? The writing or story either didn't grab you or was riddled with typos? What did you do afterwards? Did you write a review giving the person 0 stars? Or did you do nothing. Set it aside and grab the next book to read?

I was faced with this same decision last week. Except, I didn't stop reading. And on the first page alone I read many, many typos and then later found blaring inconsistencies with the story. I even stopped reading, deciding not to finish only to pick it back up, hoping it got better.

It didn't and the mistakes continued until the last page.

I'm not a reviewer. I'm a writer and a reader. I can usually read about anything (fiction) or at least try to read anything. And I think as a writer, I'd hoped it got better as I went. We all have a shaky start. Those first few pages are what will make or break you. If you can't grab someone's attention by then, stick a fork in it. It's done.

After I finished, I felt I needed to do something. I still do. Do I write the author and say, listen, you really need to edit this baby again. Even though I think the book is self pubbed, which shouldn't matter, maybe she doesn't have people around her to say, "hey, that's not right" or isn't backed by a publishing house that will take her under their wing and make her book better. The story line was cute enough to make me purchase the book.

I'm not going to tell you what book it was, that wouldn't be nice. I'm not going to leave a review on GoodReads with one star for effort and 2 for courage because I know what it's like to read a bad review of my own books. Not nice at all. Me not mentioning the title is review enough.

Even not doing all this to avoid hurting anyone's feelings, I'm compelled to do something. Wouldn't you want to know if there were mistakes?

Are you published? Self or otherwise. Would you appreciate a note from someone in your field offering some advice? Or are we too proud to accept? I'd love to know what you think.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Romance Review Anniversary Celebration

Who doesn't like a party? I know I do! The Romance Reviews is celebrating 2 years! Way ta go!

And you can get in on the fun. Hope on over to their website, get registered and start playing.

I'm joining in on the fun and giving away an e-copy of Ice Princess. My book will be featured on March 17th (St. Patrick's Day!). Answer my questions for a chance to win!

Plus, they are giving away a $100 Grand Price Gift Card. Say what!

Check in everyday for more fun. Turquoise Morning Press joined the fun with 3 books of their own.