Monday, January 18, 2016

MIA and that's OK

At my local RWA meetings, we do a Grin and Groans segment that allows authors to either cheer or complain about their writing career. Well, I'm going to try and explain why I've been MIA since October with my own presentation of 
Grins and Groans

My rights were reverted to me because my publisher closed: Groan
At the same time I had to get a "Day Job": Groan
However, I enjoy what I do during the day: Grin
Having my rights, I was forced to empower myself and self-pub my books: Grin and Groan
Because I'm completely spent after a day at work, I barely have the energy to take a shower at night, let alone write or upload books so my progress has been slow: Groan
And the book that was supposed to release, I decided to keep it, edit it and cultivate a new series from it and use it as an agent submission book: Grin
I've recently started training my 14 year old daughter to assist me with author housekeeping work: Grin
She's an aspiring writer so she might post on my blog: Grin for me, Groan for her
After attending my first local RWA meeting in months, I feel energized and ready to get my book career in order: Grin

So you see, I do have a good reason and I ask that you stick with me. And for aspiring writers out there, life throws you curve balls but it's what you do with them that counts. Is it all getting to be too much? Step back; figure out what you want and how you can achieve it. For me, I'm committing myself to working at least an hour each day on my books. That can be writing, editing, marketing or blogging. But I know I can do an hour. 

When life gets in the way, what do you do?