Thursday, May 30, 2013

Five Nuts for She's Come Undone

This is not a YA title but our book club selection. Not suitable for younger audiences. (adult situations and language)

A friend gave me this book and said "It's great. You have to read it." And then it sat on my shelf for a year.

The beginning of the book dragged for me a bit. I realize Wally was laying the groundwork for the drama to follow but some of the references were over my head. I'm only 35 and the character is older than me so some of the shows he mentions I'm not familiar with.

But once Dolores' world literally falls apart and she goes mental, I was hooked. I wanted to cry and yell right along with her. The emotions were real and all I wanted was for Dolores to win. To catch a break.

As a writer, I'm always amazed by the talent out there and this book fell under that same category. I don't usually read male authors (nothing personal, just haven't read much by them) but Wally nailed a female's emotions. Bravo.

If you're looking for a gut wrenching novel where the MC doesn't seem to catch a break, this is the book for you.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

5 Peanut review for Clockwork Princess

I know I said I'd post peanuts, but honestly, they were too flipping big. I'll find more.

Like most, I started reading The Mortal Instruments series before I started The Infernal Devices and that's okay. Some characters are the same but you don't need one before the other. 

I'm sad to see this series end. I loved it from Book 1 to Book 3. Clare, like in her other series, does a wonderful job of creating this world and describing every piece making you feel like you are right there along for the ride. Every tender touch, every kiss. I felt them. 

Before starting the final book, I heard rumblings of a death and sadness and to be honest, I was hesitant to start the book. I know it sounds silly, but I was content to go on thinking the three characters were stuck in a never ending triangle and Mortmain was off hiding, never to be seen again. 

But I put my big girl panties on and read the book, never wanting to put it down even though I knew I was getting closer to the end and not wanting it to be over.

All story lines were neatly tied up, giving everyone the ending they deserved. 

Now, all I want is some sort of family tree encompassing all the Shadowhunter family lines along with secondary characters and how long they've lived. 

Could we dare hope she'll add another leg to this series? Book is available everywhere.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Review rating system.

In my attempt at providing helpful information, such as book reviews, I thought I better create a rating system. And since this is the peanut gallery....

I give you the peanut rating system. (It might take me a bit of time to figure out how to make these nuts smaller (said no guy ever)).

1 Nut: Thanks for putting yourself out there. Now take that effort and make peanut butter.
2 Nuts: While I might pass next time I see you sitting alone in a bowl at a bar, someone out there might like you.
3 Nuts: The story held onto me until the end and I'll try another sampling from this author in the future.
Might need a little jelly.

4 Nuts: Engaging story. I recommend this book.

5 Nuts: Fantastic read! No jelly required! Eat these as is! 

There ya go. I hope I didn't make you nuts! 

Friday, May 10, 2013

4.5 Star Review for King of the Lake

As you may know, my final book in the Honey Creek Royalty series released in March. Here is a great review from LASR I received in my inbox this morning.

As an author, we are warned not to comment on reviews, good or bad. Many say readers don't like it and others say why not. I like to weigh on the side of caution.  But I can certainly comment here.

Dear Jasmine from LASR,
Thank you for taking the time to read my novellas and provide a review. I understand the amount of books offered to you everyday and it makes me break out into a goofy smile knowing you picked me.

I feel like you get it. My stories. They are simple and light and are made to make you feel good. I loved high school and even though any little thing felt like the end of the world, those were the things that made life interesting. Writing for Honey Creek allows me to slip back in time and relive a few of those moments since I grew up in a small town.

Thank you for the reviews and I look forward to reading more of them and your suggestions.

Jennifer Anderson

Sunday, May 5, 2013

There's not enough time...

I feel like when Jessie told Zach there was not time, that she was singing my mantra! Of course, I'm not trying to win some talent contest, getting good grades and popping pills, but you get the gist.

My friend Julie and I often chat back and forth about remember when we weren't published and we had all this time and we couldn't wait to get published and all the glamour that came with it. Then we rip on our former selves wondering where the time went. 

Don't get me wrong, I love where my career is at now. Or the fact I have a writing career. Heck, I wouldn't change it for anything. But what the older kids on the publishing playground don't tell you is once you sign that contract your time isn't really your own anymore.

Some of us work day jobs. I did for the first year until I was laid off. Then there was that baby thing in where I had one (3rd!). So while in between changing diapers I find time to work on review submissions for TMP, edit for other writers, beta for my besties, promote my own writing, blog (we both know that doesn't happen much), read to keep the juices flowing and plus, I love it and oh yeah, I need to keep writing. And there are these other 3 people in my house who depend on me to cook, clean their clothes, check their homework and snuggle with them. I can't help but grab my hair brush and sign how there's no time and I'm so excited

Even when I'm stressed and wouldn't mind going back in time to high school when the small things were extraordinary  I wouldn't change one bit of where I'm at now. However, while I'm writing, I think I'll add one more task to my to-do list: adding more time!

Thanks and I'd love to hear how you make the time to write. Fortunately, the baby takes a long mid-morning nap which allows me about 2.5 hours to work. Bless her precious little heart!