Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What's with this Lent stuff?

Today is Ash Wednesday.  The start of Lent and the many promises of things we need to give up or do.  My kids attend catholic school and both of them have to do the same and post a promise for the entire school to see. 

My son who is 6, asked what I thought he should do and as a mom, I told him to be good and not throw fits for 40 days.  Well, his response was that's too hard.  Yeah, go figure.  He then told me he had one but it would be mean. 

So of course, I had to know.  He said he would stay away from this one kid who is a friend for 40 days!  Yeah, that's mean!  I'd probably love it since he gets in trouble with the other kid, but how the heck would he tell that kid?  "I can't play with you for 40 days.  See ya after Easter break!" 

He settled on giving up Wii for Lent.

My daughter, who's 9, took the responsible route and said she'd do the dishes and clean up and do her chores without asking.  Mentally, I was thinking "yeah right!"  But I admire her effort.

Me?  I told them I would not yell for 40 days (except on Sundays!).  Their response?  "WOW!" 

So this morning, the start of Lent, it was time to leave for school and I told them to come on and get their stuff.  Same routine every morning.  Hasn't changed.  Well, they both didn't come.  So then I told them again.  As you can imagine, nothing happened.  So I yelled to them to come on and we were late.  Then I told them they were making me break my Lenten promise on the first day.  My son then told me, "It's not our fault you broke it, but yours.  You yelled." 

Have a great Easter season everyone!

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