Thursday, December 15, 2011

Book Nibbles

First off, thank you for the comments and ideas about naming this segment.  I've combined the ideas and came up with Book Nibbles!  So, as a thank you to my commentors, I'm sending you both a prize.  Please email me at with your addys.

Now I just need a cute picture!

It's Thursday and that means a new book for you to nibble on.  Here are the deets:

Kentucky Blues by Cat Shaffer

Here's the Amazon link:

Review from Beyond Her Book:
"Once I opened the cover of Cat Shaffer’s book, I was hooked. I liked the characters, the suspenseful situation, and the concept of discovering one’s mother might be a “cougar” challenges the imagination. In the end, Kentucky Blues was touching, intriguing, tense, exciting, and satisfyingly romantic."
I haven't had the pleasure of reading this book yet but you can be sure it is on my TBR list.  Cougars?  Ex-boyfriends?  I think I could really enjoy this book.  If you've read it tell me what you think. 
Here are some more vital stats:
Author:  Cat
Published by Turquoise Morning
Release: August, 2010
Print ISBN: 9781935817048
Digital ISBN: 978-1-935-81712-3
Category:  Romantic Suspense
Heat Level: Sensual
Length: 65,700 words
Price:  Print, $14.99; digital $4.99
Elise Drummond never forgot her first love—and never expected to learn via the grapevine that he was back in Brookville and living with her mother. Sam McCade had broken her heart, and she wasn’t about to let him destroy her mother’s as well. A quick trip back to Kentucky to lay down the law and she could head back to the safe life she’d built for herself in Kansas City.
Happy Reading!

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