Monday, September 9, 2013

Between the Lines series

Notice: For mature adiences. Sexual content and language. (posted for those younger audience members.)

To be honest, I'm not sure how I stumbled onto this series but I'M IN LOVE!

In Book 1 we meet Emma and Reid. Reid is some hot actor while Emma is rather still obscure. He's a playboy, she's timid. And he wants her. He digs down deep into his bag of tricks to win her over and she immediately falls for his good looks and charm.

But there's always a but! And a triangle.

You continue on with Book 2, Where you Are, with Emma and Reid but we are also invited into Brooke and Graham's head. Brooke wants Graham, Graham's with Emma and Reid wants to swoop in and save the day.

Who will end up together and who will get their heart smashed.

In Good for You, we meet Dori. Reid almost kills himself and is forced to do community service where he meets the preachers daughter. She struggles with not liking him but in the end...I won't give it away. You have to read to find out. 

Also, there's a surprise that continues on to book 4.

Reid and Brooke are together again but not in the way the paps think. In the end all secrets are revealed and some fences mended. We are visit again by Emma and Graham, Brooke, Reid, Dori and River. 

This series was fantastic. I literally couldn't put it down. The characters are flawed and you can't help but love them. 

The ending was sweet and beautiful, forcing me to re-read it just to savor all the details. Throughout the series we get to witness the life journey that Reid makes. His flaws and mistakes and the big heart he's been hiding from years or partying and living reckless. 

If you love NA, you have to add this to your TBR list. Webber also has another book, Easy which was just as good. She is a wonderful writer who loves a HEA just as much as me!

Happy reading!

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