Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year Reading Goal

I know what your thinking. Just give a number to GoodReads and call it a day.
I'm not worried about quantity this year. Heck, I have plenty sleepless nights where a good book comes in hand. I'm talking about quality (not that the YA/NA books I devour are not quality because they are unless I get a stinker). Books that enrich my mind and offer up knowledge.

For example, I'm hooked on the show Reign. It has everything I love: drama, romance, history. But as I'm watching and the show goes to credits, I'm curious about what really happened. So, to start things off, I've marked to read a book, mixed with a little fiction but based on actual events, about Mary Stuart.

I'm currently reading On Writing by Stephen King, which doesn't feel like a teachy book but a interesting perspective on writing.

In 2014, I'll still read my full of YA and NA but to break up the drama and lust, I plan to mix in a dollop of real drama or tips of the trade.

Do you have any suggestions? What Non-Fiction or How To books changed your life? Share away!

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