Tuesday, November 25, 2014

#1 Get Organized

I think as a mother of 3, this is constantly on my to-do list. Throw in editing part-time, marketing coordinator part-time and author, and my need to get my act together multiplies.

And I'm constantly asked how I do it all. And some how, it all gets done, but never with my sanity in tact!

My boss, who is also an author and runs a publishing company, shared her new schedule ideas and I felt like the light bulb finally clicked on.

She shared that she devotes 3 long days to her company, often working into the wee hours of the night and allowing a little overflow if needed. Then she uses the 4 other days to play catch-up to her author life. Whether that is promo or writing. And if you're a published writer, you know that social media, blogging and ads eat up a lot of your delegated author time. But also, as a writer, when you're creative juices are flowing, often when you've locked yourself in a room, you need to attack when you can and allotting 4 days to do so is brilliant. And have a life, too!

In sharing her wisdom, I've created a plan of my own. While I don't have a business to run, I do have a house to manage and 3 kids, with one still at home. For 3 days, I will work 4 hours each on my marketing responsibilities and leave the other 4 days to my personal author business and sprinkle in editing work among the 7 days.

And to help me keep and stay organized, I've purchased (an early Christmas gift!) a Life Planner. If you're interested, follow this link:

How do you manage your time? Inquiring minds are wondering!

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