Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Not-So Typical Day

A typical weekday looks like this: get up, lay in bed until the last minute, rush out, dress the baby, snag the kids and take them to school. From here I either run to the grocery store, Target, grab a Starbucks, head straight home or take the baby to the park for a walk. If I come back home, I’m usually pulling into the driveway by 7:45 AM.

 This morning, it was raining so while I still did the lazy butt mom thing in bed before I dashed off in the rain, I avoided further outings because of the weather only to find that my day was about to take on a new persona. The Internet and phone kind of personality.

Let me back up by stating that I’m a stay-at-home mom/part-time worker/author. I allow 12-15 hours per week for my part-time gig, 10 hours a week for my editing work and 10 plus hours (depending on deadlines) for my writing. All of these battle with my time as a mom (3 kids: 2, 10 and 13), wife and domestic goddess (I’m trying to get his nickname to stick).

So when I’m finally home, I set up shop in front of my computer, put a movie or 100 in the DVD player and get ‘er done. But today I was sucked into a Twilight Zone. My internet was down and the phone wouldn’t work and for a second, as I clutched my cell phone in my sweaty hand, afraid to release the only lifeline I thought I had, I was about to freak out. Was I stuck at home without any contact with the outside world? If I died, would they find me still holding my cell? Then I looked at the baby and I swear she smirked. She knew I was stuck with her all day and not paying attention to my computer. She could smell the fear and it stank worse than a day old poopie diaper.

But then I woke up and dialed my husband, because duh, my cell phone still worked! Just not the internet on it.

I emailed my boss (once I turned off the wifi on my phone, again, duh) and told her this was a blessing because I was feeling rather scattered lately and maybe this would give me a second to gather my thoughts, plan out my schedule and get those darn bills paid. I was going to cherish this small gift I was given. Turn what I thought was a negative into a positive. End the day feeling good.
And then the most unexpected thing happened. An hour later, my service was restored and all I have to show for it is a rather lengthy text conversation with husband about bills (no sexting here), I tried green tea and honey yogurt (not a fan), baby ate a banana, I created two lists (one for home and one for work) and I wrote this blog post all before I had a chance to brew a cup of coffee.

Phew, I’m exhausted. I think I might crawl back into bed, put on a kid movie and toss the baby in with me and try to grab a few winks before I have to pick the kids back up from school. My domestic goddess body needs a rest!

I mean, look at this kitchen. Doesn't it make you feel sleepy looking at it!

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