Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It all started with a glass of wine, 1 jack and diet and 2 long island iced teas…

This post is well over due and I’m sorry for the delay.  Since I came back from conference, life has thrown me one curve ball after another.  Rollercoaster ride doesn’t even begin to describe my life and it’s only Wednesday!
First off, the Lori Foster conference was AMAZING!  I met so many awesome ladies there.  And now we’re all besties on Twitter!  Before I left, I’d blogged about voice and if Julie and Nikki would sound in person how they do in my head.  And they do.  Completely!  Julie is not only sugary, sweet on-line but in person I could just eat her up.  Nikki was the devilish little vixen I thought she was and we had a blast together.  I think I held up the naughty side of our conversations so Julie didn’t feel too dirty to contribute.  LOL!
I couldn’t believe how Julie and Nikki stuck by me the entire weekend; someone they’d just met (even though we talk everyday on Twitter or email).  I love these two and can’t WAIT until our next conference together.
I met TONS of authors and bloggers like: J.A. Saare; Keri Ford, Maddie James (AKA Kim Jacobs) Bells (Bellie7 on Twitter) and many more.  Nikki will have a funny story about how I reacted after meeting JA. 
Besides all the new people and info I learned, I received some 99.9% confirmation news which caused me to hug Kim (at the time, soon to be publisher) and I’d just met the woman. 
And yes, I signed a contract with TMP this morning for my YA Honey Creek novella.  I don’t have dates or anything yet but when I do, I’ll pass the info along.  On a side note, my friend Julie will be the launching story for the Honey Creek line!  Goooooooo Julie!
Now for those who are wondering, the contract news was the highlight of my week but the lows started Monday morning.  I went grocery shopping for my grandmother (she’s 83) and when I dropped off her stuff, she didn’t look well, at all.  So I took her to the ER thinking she has some sort of blockage because her stomach was so distended.  Hours later, turns out her liver and pancreas were covered in tumors and they told her she has cancer, just not sure what kind yet.  They admitted her and ran a bone marrow test the next morning and it’s now Wednesday and we don’t know anything.  I’m amazed at how frail she’s gotten since Monday.  I don’t think she’s given up completely yet but I know she’s tired.  She’s not in a lot of pain, just discomfort.  My uncle and I have been taking turns sitting with her.  Both of us are here now but neither one of us wants to leave or tell the other one to leave.  And that’s okay. 
Thank you for the thoughts and prayers and I will try and keep you informed.  My grandmother is a strong woman who’s lived a long life.  I have a feeling she’s going to be punching and kicking for a while longer.

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