Friday, August 12, 2011

What's new?

My "To Do" list is never ending.  I think as a mom, that's a given.  But for those of us who are moms, authors and have day jobs, our lists keep growing and growing and growing and... You get the point. 

Sometimes I need to sit back and just do nothing for a moment and enjoy crossing what I've done from the list before I add more.  And yes, I do keep lists.  I'm notorious for running to the store and buying everything I don't need and forgetting what I really need.  Which is usually milk.  I even wrote a list the other day telling my kids what they were going to do the next day.  Yeah, it's that bad.

Right now I'm having a sit back, drink a glass of wine and reflect moment.  Last weekend, I submitted my second novella for my series to my publisher.  I'm a little nervous this time around and am constantly asking my crit partner "Are you sure this doesn't suck?"  Of course, she's as sweet as sugar and she'd never tell me anything sucked but she hasn't told me I needed to change the entire story either.  I'm waiting to hear back if a short story I submitted will get published this year.  Yeah, I'm biting my nails, tapping my foot and stalking my email.  But I'm learning to be patient with writing.  I went to a dirt track race for my birthday wearing a custom made shirt made by moi.  Yeah, I had to dress up for the night.  They drive fast cars.  On dirt.  And I had seats in the "luxury box". 

I'm trying to finish a book I started reading like two weeks ago.  Yes, I'm feeling okay it's just that the book was a very slow go and now it's picking up but life won't allow me to read.  Speaking of buying books, FYI my publisher TMP now sells books!  Right on!  I know!  So if you haven't visited yet, jump on over and take a look see.  Mine with be there in April.  Go to:  My friend Julie is featured and we all know she rocks.  Plus, the other authors I've gotten to know from email loops and they are all awesome pants!  Don't walk, run to the site and buy.

So that's all I've done aside from day job (which not too thrilled with right now) and mom job.  What's ahead?  Beta reading, finishing this book I'm reading so I can share what I thought with the world, start on book #3 (I told them I'd turn in Nov.) and maybe work on that world hunger thing.  Although, that's been done to death.  I might need to try and find a new, obscure cause.  

Thanks for listening and I'd love to hear what you have on your lists.   

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