Friday, April 6, 2012

Book Nibbles

Here's another tastey treat: Love's Long Shadow by Ciara Knight. Prequel to the Battle of Souls series.

Sammy Lorre was cast from Heaven for conduct unbecoming an angel. Living in a demon infested small town with no memory of her previous life, she faces never-ending purgatory until Boon saunters into her life with a promise of angelic love. But is he an angel from Heaven or a minion from the underworld preying on her human emotions? To discover his true identity, she must risk eternal damnation and her heart.

My thoughts....
I've heard most people are not fans of novella's. They like a longer story. More details. And sometimes I agree but with a prequel to a series, I'm completely cool with it. Even a  series made up of novella's are great. Love's Long Shadow gave me just enough of a taste to make me want seconds. If you like angels, good vs. evil with a little light romance mixed in, then you've found a great way to start a series. The first book in the series, Rise From Darkness is also available through Amazon right now. But for a $1.99, how could you not want to get this Love's Long Shadow.

Happy Reading!

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