Friday, March 30, 2012

Book Nibbles

Ariel by Gabriel Madison is up for a nibble this week.

Here's where you can get your copy from Amazon.

Angel Santos just wants to be an average seventeen year-old girl. That’s kind of hard for a reincarnated Archangel who’s hiding her powers. It gets even harder when God vanishes from Heaven and her old friends turn to her to find the last angel to see Him. Now all she has to do is stop the impending apocalypse and fend off her best friend’s attempts to make her popular. All in a week’s work.

About the Author:
Gabriel Madison started writing when he was in high school, mostly short stories and poetry, and then developed a passion for screenplays. He attended a private art University in Atlanta, Georgia for Media Production. There he studied script writing and film making. He wrote a few screenplays, and made a few short movies, including a twelve-minute vampire movie he adapted from a short story called Midnight Diner. After leaving school, his passion shifted mainly towards writing stories, rather than shooting and directing them. He writes short stories, novellas, screenplays, graphic novels and full-length novels. He was once asked to define himself: he answered... ‘storyteller.’ You can find Gabriel online at

Here's what I said on GoodReads (which if you haven't joined yet, what are you waiting for!).

I throroughly enjoyed this book. A great YA PNR full of great fight scenes. If you enjoy angel stories, I recommend this book!

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