Thursday, April 12, 2012

I need more books!

Two years ago, I had the pleasure of escorting my 80 year old grandmother to Stevens Point, Wisconsin to receive her award for an afgan contest. She came in first place for her divisionHere is the one she won last yearHere is the one she won this year. As you can see, I'm very proud of her.

Anyway, after we were delayed at our home airport for 4 hours we finally made it to Minneapolis, where we waited another 2 hours before we boarded a prop plane to Stevens Point. I wouldn't classify this as fun. And did I mention my grandmother had to be wheeled around everywhere because she'd sprained her foot a week prior to our trip. And if you've ever been to Minneapolis' airport, good golly, is it every big. And full of every story you could think of.

Back to my point. Monday I mentioned the need for me to have multiple books for a plane ride. Well, I started a new book the night before our trip and by the time we were waiting in Minneapolis, I'd already finished the book and knew I'd have more down time. I had nothing else with me. Not a thing and the bookstore/stand at the airport was blah! Or at least the ones in our the farthest edge of the airport....away from all the cool stores....I couldn't go to with my crippled grandmother.

Let me back up. I became hooked to True Blood on HBO way before I discovered the books. So a friend knew this and told me to try the series. I  hadn't read anything vampire related since Twilight. As you can imagine, I was hooked. Sookie, Bill and Eric were my everything. I wanted to devour each book. And I did. Eventually. When I returned home 2 days later from the trip. Ya see, we didn't have a car in Stevens Point and there isn't much there to do...or buy there. So I was stuck with a return flight and nothing to read! 

I did survive...but just barely!

Take my advice, always be prepared!


  1. Since you like to read, I wondered if you might be interested in learning more about cryptic crosswords. If so, this is a link to a post I did recently on cryptic crossword clues that involve anagrams. Cryptic Crossword Clues - Anagrams

  2. Jen, you need a Kindle. I do prefer a paperback, but I'm telling you, when you're traveling, you can't beat the teeny library which can store boo-koodles of books. Just be sure to download those things ahead of time in case you are somewhere where there is no wi-fi.