Thursday, May 17, 2012

Book Nibbles

I don't wanna toot my own horn (toot, toot) but Ice Princess is up this week on Book Nibbles.  *throws confetti* *bangs the drum*

Mya Newman never minded the routine or quiet that came with living in Honey Creek, Ohio. For her senior year, she craves something exciting to happen instead of it melting into a cookie cutter routine like the previous years. 
When a new girl, Audrey Moore, moves to town, Mya finds herself caught in a triangle. She discovers hidden feelings for her best friend, Michael Graves, but he seems to have eyes for the new girl. After Mya’s father becomes ill and eventually passes, she turns to her best friend, Michael. He never leaves her side, but she wonders if he’d rather be elsewhere. 
With fear of rejection and loss of friendship, Mya decides she can’t confess her recently discovered feelings. When Michael and Mya share a dance at the Winter Formal, does she open her heart to him? Or does she shy away, forever longing to be the princess who finds her prince?

Where you can get your copy: Amazon; Smashwords.

I can't really give you my two cents but I will tell you to have a hankie handy when you read this sweet YA. 

Happy Reading!

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