Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Gearing Up for NaNo

It's not like preparing for a marathon or a run. I don't sit at home and see how fast I can type in an hour or how many coherent words I can write in a day.

No, but I am working to clear my head of other projects so I can focus on this one.

Currently, I'm finishing edits on a book in order to shoot it off to my editor. I'm writing a few blog posts so I don't leave everyone hanging for a month. Basically, getting out the words now before I need to horde them for my NaNo.

I also like to make sure my music playlist is current or at least reflects the mood I hope to achieve with the book. However, sometimes the music creates a mind of its own with my writing, as you may already know. Certain songs feel one way and then another.

You may want to stock up on the writing snacks and coffee. Or whatever you drink to get by. If you have to pull a late night to meet your word total for the day, caffeine is your friend. I'm lucky this year as I'll be writing in the day, as along as the baby cooperates (which she's not today!).

I've asked this before, but are you a first time NaNo-er? If not, what do you do right before you write? Any tips?

Good luck!

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