Tuesday, August 12, 2014

8 Authors in 2 Weeks

A good author should always read. ALWAYS. All the big ones do it and while I hardly have time to take a shower, I do try to make time to read. And I've read Double Dog Dare by Jennifer Johnson. Loved it! Funny! Sweet! I could gush all day but I'll let Jennifer have chance to speak.

Hello, I’m Jennifer Johnson, and I’m excited my book Double Dog Dare is part of the Sweet, But Sexy boxed set.

Double Dog Dare came about from a game I like to play called “What If.” I’d heard a song about a woman who wakes up next to a man she doesn’t know because she drank too much the night before. Although it was a catchy tune, good girl me, thought, Wow! That’s something I’d never do. But then I thought what if a good girl like me did wake up in a hotel room next to some guy she didn’t know? How could that possibly happen?
Hence the story of Double Dog Dare.
Each chapter begins with a quotation from a famous children’s book. And Cheris, the heroine, spouts lines from old movies when she gets nervous. Geoff, the hero, grew up a child prodigy and now spends most of his nights stargazing, that is, until he meets Cheris.
This is a story about the healing redemption of love, even love at first sight.

Romancing the Book rated it 5 stars: “Double Dog Dare is a charming read filled with memorable characters, lots of laughs, and tons of fun.”
Romancing the Books says, “Double Dog Dare is a sweet and funny contemporary story. I enjoyed it very much and had many opportunities to smile and laugh. If you love a heartwarming story about falling in love, Then I dare you — double dog dare you even, to get yourself a copy of this great book.”

Who is Jennifer Johnson?

I am a writer.
I write contemporary romantic fiction.
I aspire to be Wonder Woman with the awesome leotard and the criminal-fighting boots on some days.
On other days, I am Wonder Woman with my lasso of Truth and my no-nonsense-pursuit of justice.
I live in the South across the river from the Mid-west. I'm married to Super Man with a Tony Stark mind. We have Wonder/Super children and a bionic dog. All in all, it's a comic book kind of life.

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