Thursday, January 15, 2015

Sweet Fix

Being diabetic limits, drastically, my sweet intake. I mean, I didn't gorge myself before, but I liked a little something, something and my all time weakness was ice cream.

I can't tell you home many numb fingers I've endured searching ice cream cartons for something low in carbs. And I've come close (15grams) but I hate to use so many on one small item.

But the sweet goodness gods must have been watching because last week I found one! And it is GOOD!

Drum roll please....

Artic Zero!!!!

Sorry if the pics are not that clear, but I'm so excited about this. Not only is it only 7 grams of carbs per serving (1/2 cup) but it is gluten free, lactose friendly and fat free! They had me at 7 grams of carbs!

Is it good? Oh, yes. This is Vanilla Maple and it is yummy! I've also had strawberry and it was tasty good. They had chocolate and cookies and cream.

Don't you just love their tag line: Do ever have the urge to eat the entire pint?
Um, yes! But I wouldn't recommend because then you'd be all out of this wonderful sweet treat.

So, good luck my diabetic, gluten challenged, lactose unfriendly friends. Because I give Artic Zero 2 thumbs up!

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