Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I'm a Writing Vampire

Or I have an aversion to sunlight.  I'll explain.
When I started out writing, I wrote at night.  After the kids were tucked in bed, after the dinner dishes were cleared and after I done any work from my day job.  Sure, I was tired but when else was I going to write.
Don't get me wrong, I still have kids, a husband, a day job and a new side job.  I'm still ultra busy and now that I'm published I need to continue to write.  I've tried to write during the day when I'm home on the weekends or when I get an idea I want to flush out right away.
But yet, I'm not as creative or productive.  It's like the sun sucks  the creative juices right from my body and I'm left frail and clutching onto any thread of an idea I may have had.  But when the sun hides away or sets, my fingers fly across my keyboard and the ideas can't stay in my head. 
So with a warm cup of coffee or tea (if I may be gross, like warm blood) and no sunlight to be seen, I can crank out 2K words or more.  I jump from one scene to the next, reaking havoc in my path.  I drain the life from my character and leave them grasping to hold on.  And with every sip from my cup, a new idea forms and I'm off again. 
Why do I even shed light on this little aversion?  I'm getting down to the last 8K words on NaNo and while my child was home sick yesterday, I could barely crank out anything.  I thought perfect, she's home, no day job work to stop me, I can try and finish or at least get close.  Yet, the sun shown brightly in my living room and I could barely do anything.  Yet, as soon as the sun sank, I cranked out 2K no problem.  And today?  She's back at school and it's a rainy, yucky, OVERCAST day and all I want to do is take my MC and throw her off a cliff and see what happens.
*rubs hands and grins* Yep, I'm a writer.  Only question is am I writing vampire.

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  1. I'm the same way, except I have to write before the sun comes up. If I don't do that, it just doesn't happen. I admire night writers like you. All I get at night is an imprint of the keyboard on my forehead as I fall asleep writing! Good luck on your last 8K. You'll make it!