Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Funny Cards

Before I can tell you the funny, I have to tell you the sad.  Some of you may know my grandmother passed away in July.  She'd been diagnosised in June with Liver Cancer and battled barely a month.  Coincidentally, the day I took her to the ER with symptoms, I was offered a contract from TMP for my Honey Creek novella.  Yeah, it was one of those days.

Anyway, so I'm the oldest grandchild by 10 years and I was even listed as her POA.  Not fun but I needed to step up and be an adult because you see in my eyes, I was always a kid when it came to her.  She was more like my mother and bestfriend and to say I'm healed would be a lie.

So, we've been going through her things slowly, weeding out 85 years of stuff.  And let me tell you, she had some stuff.  While it's hard to throw some away, others not so much.  If you've every had to clean out a loved ones stuff after they've passed you might understand.  Some of it is was sad, like you can't stop crying and others are so funny, you almost feel bad for laughing. 

My grandmother was very good about sending birthday cards.  And she took such care in picking out the perfect card.  She had two shoe boxes full of various cards from holiday, to get well to birthday.   I decided instead of throwing away the cards, I'll just add them to my dwindling collection and try to use them. 

While going through the box, sorting out bad ones and trying to find evelops to others I came across a few particular cards that I think were intended for me.  The first one was Merry Christmas Granddaughter and it was covered in red and green glitter.  Very pretty and I'm sure I would've loved it.  The second was a Mother's Day card for a granddaughter.  It too had a glittery butterfly on the cover.  Grandma knew I loved a little sparkle.

I cried a bit at the cards and then looked up at my daughter, who is 10 and said, "I have the perfect card for your daughter when you get older, married and have kids.  We can all thank Grandma for doing some advanced shopping for me!"

We all had a good laugh and maybe it was a be there moment but I couldn't help but share it with you.  I miss her everyday but it's moments like this with the card that I really cherish the time we had.



  1. Jen, that is so touching. That she planned ahead in her love for you.

  2. Thanks Jennifer. She was an interesting woman that I'm still trying to figure out!