Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Change can be good....right?

I consider myself a flexible person who welcomes change.  Of course, I love my daily routine and knowing I'm supposed to be somewhere when but I like a surprise.  Well, about a week ago I was dealt a change.

By day, I work as a medical biller.  I didn't attend school to learn the trade instead I stumbled on the job and liked the flexibility the hours offered.  Plus, it seemed like it didn't use many brain cells and at the time I needed those to manage a family and start my writing career.  I started in fall of 2008.  Yeah, I know!

Lat week I was told I needed to cut my hours and work part-time.  Now, I knew this was coming and after several days of freaking out and crying my eyes out, I relaxed and my hubs and I said we'd figure it out.  The plus side, I now had more time to write and do my TMP PR work. 

What bothered me was being forced into part-time.  I've wanted to reduce my hours for a few years but knew financially I couldn't.  Plus, if I voluntarily went part-time, that meant my writing had picked up and I was making money at it and my part time work had increased. 

I will survive and live to write another day.  I may be wearing a pair of second shoes (*gasps*) but I'll still be here.

Tell me.  Have you been dealt a change that wanted to flip your world up side down but didn't let it?

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