Sunday, January 8, 2012

Still Truckin' Along

Have you ever read the message below the title of my blog?  I have, of course, and when I started this blog, it was true.  And to think, I only just started this little project almost a year ago.  Since the first day, my life has taken me in a different direction. 

2011 brought on a ton of writing, 3 books and one short story contracted, hundreds of hours of editing and several attempts at finding an agent.  And this is where my initial goal has changed.

I'm not sure I want an agent.  Right now.

When I started out, it was write write write, edit edit edit, query query query and land an agent that will make all my dreams come true.  It's not about the money but the benefit of staying at home and doing what I love.  And the bottom line is still the same.

I have friends who are agented and I get mixed info.  And I get it.  Each agent is different as well as the writers they represent.  Yet I can't help wonder if I want the headaches they face. 

And this may be my answer.  I will keep on writing and submitting to my current publisher until she doesn't want me anymore but still keep one eye on the search for the "dream agent".  Because the truth is, I'm over-the-moon happy with my publisher and writers friends I've made there and I wouldn't change a thing about my experience.  Still, a small part of me wonders if I can land an agent but I'm not going to settle for anyone and neither should you if you are a writer.  Make sure the agent is what you want in a person that will represent you and your writing.

I won't change my message yet becuase for the most part, it's still true.  But incase you were wondering how my journey has been, I've answered it for you.  To be honest, I haven't submitted to many agents last year.  Mostly because I was inbetween projects and then discovered Honey Creek Books and my writing took off in an un-agented direction. 

Thanks for listening and I'd love to hear about your thoughts.  Agent or No Agent?  That is the questions!!

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