Monday, January 16, 2012


Have you heard of this phenom hitting the social networking sites?  I have and man am I addicted. 

The gist is you have bulletin boards and "pin" stuff from around the web that you like.  Most of my friends use it for recipes and craft ideas.  Me, I like to pretend I'm shopping with unlimited income.  Although the recipes are good too.  I've done 2 so far with great results.

Which brings me to my point.  I have a friend who has decided to join the blogging world (yeah!) *throws confetti* and blog about her Pinterest recipe experience.  Although, she has a different take on the project.  Her two oldest children are picky eaters.  A fact she will not deny nor try to cover up.  To remedy the situation she is trying a new recipe everyday and then blogging about the experience.  Now she's not trying to feed her children creamed spinach and liver.  No, these are common items, yummy dishes and wonderful treats.  The best part is she's incorporated a points system with her kids if they try, eat and finish their food.  In the end they win a prize.  Easy enough.


She has shared on her blog some gut splitting stories about fighting with her son about trying new things.  And honestly, as a parent, if you are one, don't you feel the same sometimes.  Like you're beating your head against a wall and the little mini me just doesn't get it or won't play along. 

I love this blog.  Not only because she's a friend but she's trying to do something good and real and sharing true emotions with us.  She gets frustrated and often questions her methods because she's doing something she doesn't normally do.  Stepping from her comfort zone.  She expresses what most of us feel at any time.  Parenting is hard and we can learn from each other. 

After all, doesn't it take a village to raise a child.

Thanks Jenni for blogging.  You're doing a great job!

Here's her link.  Check her out.  Subscribe.  Do it!

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