Friday, March 9, 2012

Welcome to the Creek by Julie A. Lindsey....AKA My Writer Bestie!

First off, we've never had each other on our blogs which is weird considering how close we are.  But I think it's because we were saving ourselves for this AWESOMENESS that is HONEY CREEK!  

Please help me welcome by writer bestie....Julie Anne Lindsey!!!!

Jenni! I can’t believe I’m here! Honey Creek has finally come alive for everyone to enjoy, not just us LOL!! Thank you for letting me stop by on my very first blog tour and talk about the Creek. : ) I think we cool kids should totes call it that “The Creek.” We can be “Creekers.” You think? No? Too much like Creepers? Well, I’ll work on it and get back with you then. Meanwhile, let me tell your bloggy friends and bookish peeps a little about our fun new town!

Welcome to Honey Creek
Honey Creek is a fictitious small town in rural Ohio where anything can happen. The stories and genres will captivate every small town fan. Miss Jenni, your delightful blog host, has written some delish YA titles for example *winky face* and I have written some especially sweet romances.  
When I first read about Honey Creek, my heart jumped right to romance. I’m from rural Ohio and there’s just something in the air. It’s a great place to fall in love – I know. So, I set out to write some serious toe-curling stories that made me swoon and squeeze my husband a little tighter.
In Honey Creek, time moves a little slower. People are a little nicer *cough* most people, and good old fashioned values run the show. The lake at Honey Creek has seen its share of first kisses and proposals as well as a few suitless bottoms. The mailman is going blind, but getting your neighbor’s mail isn’t a big deal when they sit behind you at church every Sunday.
I love the idea of a little town where families know one another and kids are safe to play unsupervised. I like the festivals in the town square, and the idea of hiding a crush when everyone is watching. I get goose bumps thinking about it. Hiding anything in a little town like Honey Creek takes some skill, so you can imagine the pickles these characters can find themselves in just to keep a secret for themselves. Ahh..if this place were real, I’d hammer a for sale sign in my yard today.  I live in a place I think resembles Honey Creek quite a bit, but I wish I could call my characters for advice or a new recipe at dinnertime. Everyone should be so lucky.
I hope you’ll visit Honey Creek. Kick off your shoes, relax into that porch swing and cuddle up to a steamy mug of cider. Taking a trip to Honey Creek is as easy as Amazon : ) See you there!

Bloom by Julie Anne Lindsey

In a town filled with her past, she never expected to find her future…
Seven years ago Cynthia left Honey Creek with a broken heart. Three years ago Mitchell arrived with one.  Now Cynthia’s come home, and these two hardened hearts can’t stop arguing. If they’d only take a break long enough to find some common ground, they might be surprised to find love can grow anywhere.
If they’ll let it, love will find a way to Bloom.

*Bloom is book one in my new Seeds of Love series.  I’ll be planting those seeds all year.

About Julie:
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  1. Hi Julie, Hi Jen! *waving from the blogosphere*

    You've given a wonderful start to the Honey Creek imprint. Your enthusiasm and love for Ohio permeates your writing and made BLOOM seem like a taste of hometown delights. Congratulations!