Monday, March 12, 2012

Word Count Counts

As a writer, you can feel my pain. The word count. That little box at the bottom of your document. It torments me. Stalking every click of the keyboard. It teases me. It haunts my dreams.
And as a writer, and reader, you know the word count counts becuase, duh, we wouldn't have novels with out them. But nothing we do can ever stop the torment.
Currently, I'm under a deadline to finish up a MS and while I'm WC counter still plagues each word. In fact, I get so consumed, I can't move from one scene to the next.
What do I do? I moved on. Instead of fighting with a transitional scene, I jumped ahead to a scene I was dying to write. A moment. A touch. There are even firewords people. How could I not write it. Now my two YA characters have found a moment to share, I too have found my moment to destress and do what I love about this job. Write.
So while my ticker at the bottom of my screen continues to drive me insane, I motor on. I have to. I've got a deadline.

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