Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Have you seen this show? OMG! I am in love. It's the one show I watch that doesn't involve vampires, suspense, cops or drama. Instead, it's about a dad and his teenage daughter moving from NYC to the suburbs (hence the name), hopefully, allowing the daughter to have a wholesome upbringing.

Little do they know that yes, it's not like life in the big city. It's better. Funnier. Over the top laugh your butt off! Ironic because some of the jokes are about lipo!

So in attempt to keep the humor in my life (mom of 3, yikes!) I trade tweets about the show with a friend, Julie Anne Lindsey. We'll say a line or two from the previous show, laugh and go about our day with a smile on our faces.

Well, a few night ago Julie texted me stating Dallas Royce tweeted us. What? What!

In a mad dash, I search my Twitter account and WHAM there it is.

Won't happen to you at the Ziti Zone. They coat it with so much alfredo it just slides right on down.

Now, let me back up a bit and offer up my tweet.

I swallowed and everything and then I was like I have a noodle in my throat.

You'd have to see the episode to understand.

So I did what any normal house wife who's connected to social media. I tweeted, retweeted and FaceBooked the heck out the fact that Dallas Royce tweeted me. (And it was good too ;-)

Do I think she's actually tweeting me? Cheryl Hines? Um, I don't know. I mean, I'm sure there are PR people and assistants that handle this sort of thing but I think that fan girl part of me who gets giddy over star sightings thinks, just maybe, it is her. Just this one time. Or hopes its her.

But if not, it's all cool *blushes* *wipes away the tears*.

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