Thursday, May 30, 2013

Five Nuts for She's Come Undone

This is not a YA title but our book club selection. Not suitable for younger audiences. (adult situations and language)

A friend gave me this book and said "It's great. You have to read it." And then it sat on my shelf for a year.

The beginning of the book dragged for me a bit. I realize Wally was laying the groundwork for the drama to follow but some of the references were over my head. I'm only 35 and the character is older than me so some of the shows he mentions I'm not familiar with.

But once Dolores' world literally falls apart and she goes mental, I was hooked. I wanted to cry and yell right along with her. The emotions were real and all I wanted was for Dolores to win. To catch a break.

As a writer, I'm always amazed by the talent out there and this book fell under that same category. I don't usually read male authors (nothing personal, just haven't read much by them) but Wally nailed a female's emotions. Bravo.

If you're looking for a gut wrenching novel where the MC doesn't seem to catch a break, this is the book for you.

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