Sunday, May 5, 2013

There's not enough time...

I feel like when Jessie told Zach there was not time, that she was singing my mantra! Of course, I'm not trying to win some talent contest, getting good grades and popping pills, but you get the gist.

My friend Julie and I often chat back and forth about remember when we weren't published and we had all this time and we couldn't wait to get published and all the glamour that came with it. Then we rip on our former selves wondering where the time went. 

Don't get me wrong, I love where my career is at now. Or the fact I have a writing career. Heck, I wouldn't change it for anything. But what the older kids on the publishing playground don't tell you is once you sign that contract your time isn't really your own anymore.

Some of us work day jobs. I did for the first year until I was laid off. Then there was that baby thing in where I had one (3rd!). So while in between changing diapers I find time to work on review submissions for TMP, edit for other writers, beta for my besties, promote my own writing, blog (we both know that doesn't happen much), read to keep the juices flowing and plus, I love it and oh yeah, I need to keep writing. And there are these other 3 people in my house who depend on me to cook, clean their clothes, check their homework and snuggle with them. I can't help but grab my hair brush and sign how there's no time and I'm so excited

Even when I'm stressed and wouldn't mind going back in time to high school when the small things were extraordinary  I wouldn't change one bit of where I'm at now. However, while I'm writing, I think I'll add one more task to my to-do list: adding more time!

Thanks and I'd love to hear how you make the time to write. Fortunately, the baby takes a long mid-morning nap which allows me about 2.5 hours to work. Bless her precious little heart!

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