Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Get Connected

No matter if you're an aspiring writer, a published writer or a lover of crafts, the best way to stay motivated, is to get connected. Whether on-line or in-person, staying in touch with those that love what you love keeps you on the write track.

I have a deadline of August for a current WIP that I'm jazzed about but I have a 17 month old, a house to take care of, 2 school aged children and a husband. My plate is full and finding the time to write is proving difficult. Until I did what I used to do. I connected with my writer friends on Twitter and have now participate in 2 #1k1h and both times, the baby played and I wrote. The feeling of getting words down has not only proved cathartic but gets me closer to my end game goal.

But even for non-writers, the same is true. On a whim, I search #crochet and found tweets about patterns and tips.

So my advice this month is get out there and connect!

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