Monday, February 17, 2014

Swoon Reads

If you follow me on Twitter and FaceBook, you should be familiar with my posts about Swoon Reads. Its a new company, an off-shoot of MacMillan Publishing, that is trying something new in the world of publishing. They've opened their doors to all swoon-worthy YA/NA submissions and are letting the readers help decide. They've already selected their first book for publication this year.

I uploaded Need to Know on their site in December with plans to leave it there until June, when they will be selecting another round of books.

This concept is very interesting. Basically, they are letting readers share what they want in a new release. But here's the kicker. They don't want "Oh my god, so good" comments. While those are wonderful to receive, they want truthful, explanatory reviews of the submissions.

This is where you come in. They need your input. I need your input. Create an account ( I promise it doesn't hurt) and start reading. I want to know what you think. Be honest. If it doesn't work, tell me why. If you couldn't put it down, tell me what worked. I can only improve my craft with feedback.

Here's my submission, Need to Know. Who knows, you might have a hand in selecting the next run of books published!

Need to Know description:

Nineteen-year old Jessica Crispin’s long lost grandfather died, leaving a large inheritance. The catch? She has to find her mother and bring her home.
She turns to her father, who’s in jail for murder, for help. He directs her to a stack of unread letters sent to Jessica by her mother. With the letters in hand, she and best friend Violet set out on a string of road trips where she meets Jackson King. Dark hair, blue eyes and a knack for clever shirts, Jackson helps Jessica learn the truth that eventually leads to her mother.
Has too much time passed? Can anybody ever get over a parent leaving them behind? And when her journey ends, does she return to life as usual or begin a new one with Jackson?

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