Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I think you're a little late.

My area was hit by a tornado a few weeks ago and while I've heard different numbers, the news has stated anywhere from four to ten actually hit the ground.  There is a direct path the storm took and you can see the destruction it left behind.  Many were lucky and yet the devastation was amazing.  Unfortunately, last week it was announced one person in our area had died due to the storm.

My house was fine and during the storm we didn't get hit at all.  But our church did.  We attend regularly and even though I'm not a very religious person, I am still amazed at the help and salvation in the wake of this storm.  Our rectory was destroyed, the windows in our school were blown out and our church had roof damage.  All in all, it could have been worse because no one was hurt.  For a Friday, the school was closed and mass was not being held since it was around 11:30 am.  Our priests managed to find shelter in their basement. 

When the storm was over and the entire town stopped by to witness the destruction, many of us noticed a few additional miracles.  One, the 3ft plaster statue of Mary that stood in front of the rectory remained standing and unharmed while a truck from our parking lot was found upside down 2 blocks away.  Two, our wooden manger was knocked over but Mary, Joseph and Jesus remained intact (I might add that they are made out of plastic).  Three, the cross on top of our steeple stood proud and tall, shadowing the ground below and proving to be a light to those in the dark. 

A week after the storm and the clean-up had begun, our priest noticed city maintenance crew in front of the rectory digging a large hole.  Now, a week or so before the storm hit, a safety digging team was out marking the ground to show where power lines were laying.  Father, ever curious, went out and asked the workers what they were digging a hole for since he was unaware of any need for a hole due to the storm.  The maintenance man told our father that the hole was for the new tornado siren tower.  Surprised, Father turned, looked at the destroyed rectory behind him, returned his attention to the worker and said, "I think you're a little late".

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