Saturday, January 8, 2011

I'm addicted

I must confess, I love bad TV.  I love the shows that nobody, my age, will admit to watching unless conversing with her closest friends  who are also closeted bad TV watchers.  My vice is not reality TV.  I like my televisions shows like I like my books.  Fiction.  I want to escape reality and enter a world that I know I can leave at anytime when things appear to be tough.  Or stay when things are way too good to be true. 

Okay, so you might be asking yourself what makes any of this addictive.  In my home, we have 4 TVs.  Not too bad, I know.  We recently added that service that allows us to record on a TV and watch it anywhere.  Again, not so bad; we just love our TV.  I have my own personal DVR (best invention EVER) that I DO NOT share with anyone in my home.  The basement DVR is mainly for my husband.  Then the last one is in our playroom which allows the kids to record their goofy shows.  The problem is on some nights I could have up to 6 shows recording within a 3 hour window and still have another show or 2 recording on the other 2 DVRs. 

Most of my shows are not really "kid friendly"so I retire to my closed bedroom around 8pm and begin greedily absorbing the juvenile, trashy shows I've recorded.  Before the kids go to bed around 8:30, I usually can finish one show but am forced to take a break to tuck the kiddos into bed.  And then re glue my eyes to the TV and place my butt in the molded spot on my bed.  And there I remain until around 10pm when hubby goes to bed. 

Now, I have to give praise where praise is due and thank my family for noticing the addictive TV watching traits and keeping their distance because nothing is worse than being interrupted just as character A is making out with character B while jealous character C watches, plotting the ultimate revenge.  I know what your thinking.  I can just hit pause.  But I think its more of the climax interruption I hate.  If a show or a book has captivated me so much, I can feel the highs and lows and being stopped right at the height leaves me with a crashing feeling.  Heck, I don't even answer the phone without giving the receiver a bit of attitude. 

I'm not going to reveal my shows just yet but I think as time goes on and we've become closer, I might just let you into my secret bad TV club and we can discuss details.  I will say this, not all of my shows are bad.  Actually, a few have won awards and normal 30 somethings watch as well.  But until the new seasons begin ( I really think they are trying to kill me with the wait) I will continue to enjoy myself immersed in my ereader. 

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