Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Review of Mercy Blade by Faith Hunter

First off, if you haven't read the other two books in the Jane Yellowrock series, what are you waiting for?  Go!  Hurry!  I'll wait.  (insert Jeopardy music)

Glad you're back!
Jane Yellowrock is a pistol packing, semi-automatic toten, silver stake throwen bad ass boot stompin' rogue vampire hunter that was hired on retainer by the big wig New Orleans vamp leader Leo Pellissier.  Hot, hot and triple hot.  I know, she kills vamps but why was she hired by one.  Crazy but she only kills the rogue ones and Leo needs her around because she is a tough momma and can take down who or whatever crosses her path.  She is also a skinwalker and I'll let you read what that is without giving too much away.

So in the 3rd book, she has a boyfriend, NOPD cop Rick La Fluer and he is all kinds of sexy and tough.  He's undercover and can't tell his main woman what's going on but she knows he's involved with her case, in some way.  This time, Jane, her vamps and the occasional witch are not the only sups around.  We have were-cats, were-wolves and a grindylo (some reptilian guardian, mercinary thing that's lightning quick). 

Since she hasn't seen or heard from Ricky Bo in awhile, her eyes and body want to linger towards Leo's main blood servant, George, a.k.a Bruiser.  Now he is big, strong and able to handle a tough woman like Jane and they...not gonna tell ya.  Read the book.

What I love about this series is all of the detail to the heirarchy in the vampire world.  Sure, at times, I get lost with all of the names and families but Faith Hunter does a great job of reminding the reader who each person is and how they fit in with the main characters.  I also love how this time you could see some real emotions from Jane.  Sure, she's always been pationate about her work and the people she cares about but her love life has always seemed to be on the back burner.  But in this book, you really see how frustrated she is and how she's not all kicking ass and taking names but she does have strong feelings for a guy in her life.  It's not all sex and pleasure. 

Oh, God, and the cliffhanger at the end.  Not some much as a hanger but more like I'm climbing a mountain and I'm attached to the side of it and I'm out of rope.  So now what?  Well played Ms. Hunter.  Well played. 

I not only recommend Mercy Blade, but you must read the first two as well.

Happy Reading!

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