Friday, January 21, 2011

Review of Shadowfever by Karen M Monings.

Ok, so I literally just finished reading Shadowfever by Karen Monings; the #5 book in the Fever series.  My friends over at VampBookClub said it best: Intense! 
Let me back track just a bit and tell you why I even started reading the series.  A spunky, shifty devilish book reader friend of mine (you can follow her blog at started reading the series and mentioned that at first it was a slow go.  But when she got to the 3rd and 4th book she really liked it.  I have to agree to a certain extent.  I love the paranormal/fantasy but I also love the angst and sex and there was some angst in the beginning but didn’t get to the really good stuff until later.  And man did it get good!  (Excuse me, I need a minute.)
Okay, I’m better.  This series is not for the faint of heart.  It’s dark; sexy; and violent.  Like most stories, the series is about good versus evil.  Who can you trust?  Who can you love?  And will they love you in return if you give them everything you have?  Can one person save the world?  And ultimately, do you have to be bad to be good.
In this installment, we find out who Mac killed in that alternate Fae world and I have to say, I didn’t like that part at all!  But, it got better.  Waaaaay better!  Her ultimate goal was to get the Book (it’s like a person so it needs the emphasis of a capital letter) and restore order to an unorderly world.  But she’s afraid one wrong step on her part will doom the world.  And it might, but she finds the strength from within; the confidence from her lover; and the faith of her parents to make the right choice.
Like most, my favorite part is the relationship between her and Barrons.  He’s mean and kick-ass but I think from the beginning you could see a spark of a man who wants to love deeply but with all of his secrets, it’s hard for him to trust.  Can he trust Mac?  And hell, the sex scenes were pretty good, too!  
I couldn’t put this sucker down!  I was lucky enough to have a snow day and a kid home sick to read most of it.  I’m half tempted to read the entire series again to see if I can see any clues to the ending and marvel in the creative writing of Monings.  I haven’t read anything else of hers but I might just now.  The way she has created this world within our world and all of the details is just amazing. 
I highly recommend you reading this series today!

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