Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I'm hooked but I don't get it.

Have you ever liked something but not sure why?

Yesterday, I was channel surfing  because with the summer months, all my shows are on break, leaving my recorder empty. And with the kids home, I have to find something sort of wholesome.

I started with the Hallmark channel (my almost 12 year old daughter loves their movies) and some silly talk show with a has been singer was on and I'm not really into that. I arrowed up a bit and saw a marathon for The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

I shrugged and thought why not. The show has been on for a few years and the commercials seemed interesting. And I'm not gonna lie. There is a pull when it comes to teen drama shows. I'm a sucker.

How'd it go? My first few minutes of this show? Let's just say that I'm glad my kids were out of the room during because I think the word sex like echoed from the tiny TV speakers 50 times. I'm serious.

Seventh Heaven (which I never watched) was what I imagined or something along those try to be wholesome lines while we still touch on the serious issues. And sure, I'm not dumb to think teens don't talk about, think about, heck write about sex. It sells and the more scandalous the better but I guess with the show airing on ABC Family, I expected something different.

And what is with all the marriage talk. Really? Times might have changed since I was in high school but I don't think that much. With the high rates of divorce, what's the rush! I mean, they were 15! And the parents were all like sure, as long as you love each other and are pregnant. Um, that's not a reason to get married. Ask all the children of divorce out there.

Needless to say, I set up my recorder for future shows only to discover the series is over (not surprised; that's my luck). I am currently watching the series finale where all the lose ends will be tied up into a nice, sex designed, bow. And as I witness all the crying and I assume shockers, I can't help but compare this show with 90210, a very tame version. And I can relate or place the characters from both shows in my own high school: the quiet band geek with a dirty side; the bible thumper who is saving herself; the bad boy (you know who I'm talking about); the guy friend who will always have a major crush on you and while you know, you don't do much about it; and the easy one.

What are my overall thoughts? After watching the series finale, I can say for certain that I do not like Amy, the pregnant girl. I understand that teenage pregnancy is tough. Trust, I've had three while in my 20's and 30's and it wasn't always a picnic. And some of the shows let us witness the couple making it work which didn't seem at all real but I'm sure there are some teen parents who have a ton of help and can manage but they made it all seem doable, which I think is the wrong message. But what annoyed me the most was Amy leaving her son and boyfriend/baby daddy while she attends college in New York. I think it was selfish and as a mother hard to relate.

Will I keep the reruns recording? Maybe. I'm not sure. Like I said I'm a sucker and its the summer.

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