Tuesday, October 8, 2013

November is approaching fast.

I know what you're thinking. You think just because I mentioned November that I'm actually going to chat about the holidays. Well, you'd be wrong. Who wants to think about spending more money on things we don't really need when we can't afford the stuff anyway?

No, I'm thinking about NaNo. You know, write a novel in a month. I'm already receiving emails about kick-off parties and group sessions. I've never attended and don't plan on it because, honestly, I'm not sure what good it does to sit around talking about how I plan to pull a 50K word novel out of my butt in 30 days. But hey, some do and more power to ya.

This will be my third year, if I participate. Year 1 book is now sitting with a friend who's giving it a read-through. A rough read because I haven't touched it. My thought? Does the idea suck? Is it editing worthy?

Book 2 is my August release, My Brother's Wedding. I cranked that baby out and then edited my butt off for the 9-month turnaround. It was also my first attempt at anything other than YA.

As I write this, I'm still not sure I want to play again. The baby is a year older but it seems my other family commitments have grown. The boy is playing on two soccer teams, both kids are doing volleyball and then there's the homework which is never stops coming ( I thought the kids were in school; not me).

But the pull of challenging myself and seeing if I can still do it is strong. I have a story idea brewing; something I've wanted to start for awhile but do I have the time. Do I have desire to stay up late and stress out when the numbers fall short one day?

While I hash out my pros and cons list, I have to know. Are you participating this year? Do you have an outline ready to go? How many years have you played? Any after success?

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