Thursday, October 10, 2013

So You Think You Can Write

Have you ever heard of WattPad? Its this place where you can read free books, but unpublished free works. Authors can use it as a marketing tool or newbies can use it to hash out ideas. The concept is interesting.

Harlequin is running a contest on WattPad where they are looking for the next New Adult book to sign. I'm participating and I could use some votes. 

Here's the linky-poo to my submission, Need To Know

 Jessica Crispin, survived her first year of college, only to return home to discover a long lost grandfather has died, leaving her with a large inheritance. The only catch? She needs to find her mother and go through her criminal father to get the answers.
 A box of letters sends her out on a string of road trips to find her mother. In steps Jackson King to change a flat tire and her entire love life. With him at her side and in her bed, she discovers more secrets and the strength she needs to face her mother.

So if you find your self with something to do, head on over, give a read and a like. I'd appreciate your support! 

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