Wednesday, October 30, 2013

It's Official.

I am officially registered with NaNoWrimo. *breaks out in a nervous sweat*

Here's my synopsis (keep in mind, it is rough and brief):
Lucas Shaw returns home after being wounded in battle. All his hopes of proving himself and making his family, and his only love, proud drip down the drain. 

Sarah Holmes never felt complete since that long day standing on at the departure gate. Never would she imagine their kiss good-bye would be her last. Years pass along with bad choices and men she'll never give herself completely to. 

When Sarah and Lucas meet again after four, long years, are the fires still burning? Lucas wants to love her like she deserves but he's afraid too much time and not enough words build a wall between them that he's not sure should be taken down. She'll be better without him and his problems. 

The past fills Sarah with hope but she knows Lucas is hiding a part of himself from her. Until her boyfriend from college shows up and forces her hand, Sarah realizes that heart left on that same plane some many years ago and she doesn't intend on getting it back .

Healing and discovering can bring these two together if only Lucas knows how to use the keys Sarah gave him to her heart.

I have been planning this novel in my head for about 6 months but could never start due to edits and finishing a New Adult novel. Everyday, this story lingers. New scenes. Shared moments. Harsh words. It's all in my head and in two days, I can begin the journey of bringing it to paper. 

Nervous? You bet but starting on something new is such a rush. Excitement boils over and I make time to write and plan. 

I've written a lengthy outline this year, something I don't normally do, and I'm hoping this keeps me on track. I've recently picked up a new project so I'm concerned about the amount of time I'll be able to give this new story. I predict many long nights and early mornings. 

Bring on the coffee!

Are you participating this year? Have you registered? Share with us your thoughts? Are you a newbie? Seasoned veteran?

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